Mexico asks Burger King to pull ‘derogatory’ ad

Mexico City, April 15 (Inditop) Mexico has slammed the US fast-food giant Burger King for using the “derogatory image” of the country’s national flag in its new advertising campaign in Spain.

The Mexican envoy to Spain has sent a letter to the fast-food giant asking it to pull out the advertising campaign, which has insulted Mexico and its citizens.

“It seems to us a vulgar advertising campaign and one that above all denigrates our patriotic symbols,” particularly the flag, Jorge Zermeno, currently visiting his own country, told EFE Tuesday.

According to the diplomat, the advertising associated with Burger King’s new Texican Whopper also presents “a stereotype of Mexicans” that is divorced from reality.

The ads show “a US cowboy next to a supposed Mexican wearing Mexico’s national flag like a serape, with the national coat of arms and a wrestler’s mask”, Zermeno said.

The diplomat recalled that in his country there is a special ruling on the “proper use” of patriotic symbols, including the tricolour flag.

Zermeno said that he had already sent a letter to the director general of Burger King in Spain, Elias Diaz Seses, asking him to “withdraw the advertising” because it offends “Mexico and Mexicans.”

The diplomat has also threatened to take legal action against the company if the advertisement is not withdrawn immediately.

In October 2007, Mexican singer Paulina Rubio sparked a heated controversy by posing half-naked wrapped in a national flag for a weekly publication in Spain. The actress was fined $4,900 for the act.