Megan McKenna stalked by Harry Styles look-alike

London, Feb 2 (IANS) Reality TV personality Megan McKenna says she is being stalked by an “ugly Harry Styles”.

The “Celebrity Big Brother” star has reported the man, who bears resemblance to the One Direction singer, to police because she says he has been following her for the past week to various locations around London and is “freaking” her out, reports
Taking to her Snapchat account on Sunday, McKenna uploaded a photograph of her pursuer outside London club Cafe de Paris and branded him “an ugly Harry Styles” and told her followers: “Can I just all let you now that there’s some weirdo ugly version of Harry Styles that keeps following me.”
Later, she posted on Twitter: “Omg guys I’m being stalked by this weirdo. I’ve reported to the police! Been following me all week. It’s freaking me out.
“He’s jumping in the back of my pictures, he made the Daily Mail last week. As I’m walking out of Cafe de Paris tonight he’s only f**king waiting for me and jumped in another picture.”