Medvedev invites opposition to speak

Moscow, March 28 (IANS/RIA Novosti) Opponents of Russia’s ruling United Russia party should be given an opportunity to express their views, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said.

“We could invite people who do not completely share our views, who are not party members,” Medvedev, who is also the chairman of United Russia, said during a lecture at Civil University.
The Civil University is the party’s new educational project for members.
“If these are people who criticise the party for some mistakes, tricks, lack of activism, for some issues or others, I believe that would only benefit us,” he said.
Medvedev launched the Civil University project Wednesday with the first lecture.
Prominent politicians, both Russian and foreign, and representatives of various political movements and organisations will be invited to lecture the “party students”, as part of the project designed to bring up professional politicians who would be well versed in history, political science, psychology and lawmaking.
The Civil University will be registered as an NGO.
–IANS/RIA Novosti