Man executed for stabbing 29 kindergarten children in China

Beijing, May 30 (IANS) A man who stabbed 29 children and three teachers last month in east China’s Jiangsu province was executed Sunday morning.

Xu Yuyuan, 47, was executed at 9.39 a.m. by the Intermediate People’s Court of Taizhou City, Xinhua reported.

He attacked the Zhongxin kindergarten in Taixing City April 29. Four of the victims were severely injured.

Xu admitted his motive was to vent his rage against society after losing money in gambling and business, while suffering other setbacks in his personal life.

The Taizhou Intermediate People’s Court sentenced him to death May 15 for ‘intentional homicide’ after a half-day open trial, which was attended by 300 people. The death sentence was approved by the Supreme People’s Court.