Malaysian lawmaker in nude photo scandal to resume duties

Kuala Lumpur, April 15 (Inditop) A Malaysian opposition lawmaker who resigned after her nude photos were publicly circulated has been asked to resume her duties, officials said Wednesday.

Elizabeth Wong, from the opposition People’s Justice Party, had lodged a police report after the photos surfaced in February, claiming they were circulated without her consent.

However, she tendered her resignation as assembly member for the central state of Selangor and took a leave of absence.

On Wednesday, Selangor Chief Minister Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said Wong, 37, has been asked to stay on and resume her duties starting Thursday.

“The state government believes this is an appropriate and fair decision after taking into consideration views from all quarters, public interest and the fact that police investigations have to date failed to reach a conclusion,” Khalid was quoted as saying by the Star online news portal.

He said Wong was a victim of intrusion of privacy, and therefore should not be the one to be punished.

Local news reports had said the photos were believed to have been taken by her ex-boyfriend without her knowledge in her home. Police have yet to find the suspect for questioning.

Wong, who is a well-known human rights activist and is single, had said the scandal was an attempt to discredit her party, led by former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim.