Making your gym debut? Take a few notes

London, Jan 30 (IANS) Heading to gym for the first time may be a little daunting but keeping note of a few things can make the experience easier. From setting yourself a goal to rewarding yourself when you achieve it are some of the factors that can keep you motivated and inspired.

Celebrity fitness trainer Fabrice Le Physique, owner of Munsterfit, an exclusive personal training gym, has shared his top tips on how to enjoy workout sessions, reports
* Set yourself a goal and don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you reach it: Whether you want to lose weight or just tone up, by setting yourself a target you are already visualising your result. Why not make a deal with yourself? Once the goal is reached, treat yourself to a new dress, a holiday — a well-deserved prize.
* Make sure your goal is realistic: As much as everyone would love to lose 10 kg in just three weeks, it is just not possible to do it in a healthy way. Making your short-term goal reachable gives you the motivation to keep going every time you hit a target.
* Ease into it: It is important not to push yourself too hard on the first session. Starting with a gentle routine can help avoid injury. Training at 50 percent of maximum effort allows the body to gradually adapt to a long-term exercise routine. Also, by starting slow, you are three times less likely to give up.
* Be prepared: Planning a workout in advance helps make the most of your time at the gym.
* Ask questions: Seek advice from a fitness instructor if you are using a commercial gym. Booking a couple of personal training sessions can give you a good kick start as well as giving you a good understanding of the gym’s equipment.
* Train all parts of the body: It can be easy just sticking to running or cycling, but this could mean you focus too heavily on your legs.
* Avoid just sticking to machines: Make sure you add in a mixture of body exercises such as push ups, crunches and chin ups. This encourage exercise at home, in-between, or in case you miss a gym session.
* Use free weights during your workout: Ensure you use free weights during your routine. They can offer a great variety of exercises and also strengthen and tone core muscles within the body.
* Ditch the junk food: Opt in for healthier food alternatives to help speed up your success rate.
* Consistency is key: We are creatures of routine, so stick to your training plan. Regular exercise will bring results.