‘Libyan government to be reshuffled’

Tripoli, Jan 9 (IANS) Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan announced Wednesday that he will reshuffle his government.

Addressing a press conference, Zeidan announced that the government will be reshuffled and technocrats will be called to join it, Xinhua reported.
He also said Libyan interim government would continue its work despite groups’ pressure by force and arms put on Libyan parliament to withdraw the confidence from the government.
The prime minister’s statement followed the protests staged Tuesday night in front of the General National Congress (GNC), the legislative authority, by demonstrators calling for GNC’ s withdrawal of Zeidan government confidence.
Protesters sealed off all the gates of the GNC building by the end of the evening session Tuesday, preventing the congress members leave the place, Zeidan said.
GNC president Nuri Abu Sahmin said that the Parliament Consultation Committee held an overnight session Tuesday with GNC blocs to discuss the memorandum submitted by 72 congressmen over the withdrawal of Zeidan government’s confidence and the set up of crisis government.
The session ended up without any decision, he added.
External forces have been pushing the Libyan parliament to dismiss Ali Zeidan’s cabinet, particularly the Islamist groups, as Libyan local newspaper “Libya Al Mostakbal” reported citing a congress member, who requested anonymity.
The war-torn North African country is struggling to establish democratic institutions as tens of armed militias groups still control the cities and towns across the entire national territory.
The political standoff is even worsened by the enduring oil export blockade in the eastern region which caused big loss in the oil revenues. The Libyan government has recently warned that it will not be able to cover the 2014 budget’s expenses.