Kimberley Walsh had wedding dream

London, Feb 2 (IANS) Singer Kimberley Walsh says she knew she wanted to get married in Barbados as early as three years ago.

Walsh and her long-term partner Justin Scott, who got married on the Caribbean island on January 30, only got engaged when their son Bobby, 17 months, was born but already had ideas about their nuptials after holidaying there in late 2012, reports
“We absolutely loved it. It’s such a friendly country and so chilled,” Walsh told HELLO! magazine.
“We started talking loosely then along the lines of, ‘If we got married, wouldn’t it be great to do it here…’
“Then after Justin proposed and it became real, we started thinking, ‘Could we make it work? Is it too complicated?'” she added.
A trip back to Barbados a few months after Bobby was born, confirmed their idea.
Scott said: “I don’t think either of us had felt a wedding in the Britain was for us, whereas everything about Barbados just felt so right.”
Kimberley added: “There was even a bar down the road from where we were staying called Bobby’s Bar. We took that as a sign.”