Kept bouncing out of pram: Jason Statham on energetic side

Los Angeles, Jan 7 (IANS) Actor Jason Statham, who always needs a “physical” outlet for his energy, says even as a child he was energetic and kept falling out of his pram.

The 46-year-old always needed a “physical” outlet for his energy and was always on the go as a child, reports
“I was very energetic as a child. I was running around and bouncing out of the pram as a baby. My mum says she was always having to pick me up from off the ground when I’d fall out,” Statham said.
“The physical DNA has always been part of our family, my dad was a good boxer and gymnast, my mum is a ballroom dancer and my brother does martial arts. I tend to need to find something to do physically. It feels weird if I don’t,” he added.