Justin Bieber helps old lady hit by car

Los Angeles, Jan 29 (IANS) Justin Bieber turned Good Samaritan when an old woman got knocked by a car. The singer and his crew tried to confort the woman while waiting for the police to arrive.

According to several reports, a woman was shouting in distress while lying on LaBrea and Santa Monica Boulevard on Wednesday when Bieber and his entourage passed by.
They pulled over to see what was going on. Bieber personally helped the woman to get up and escorted her to the street curb before conforting her. He was also heard in a video telling a paparazzo, “Don’t do that”, when he was trying to help the woman, reports aceshowbiz.com.
The woman told law enforcement personel that she simply fell down, but witnesses said she was knocked off her bike by a black SUV, which made it a hit-and-run case.
Bieber helped to flag down police. He and his team left before ambulance arrived but the woman reportedly declined medical attention.