Japan’s Mount Sakurajima erupts

Tokyo, Feb 5 (IANS) Mount Sakurajima in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture erupted on Friday.

There were no immediate reports on damage or injuries, Xinhua news agency reported.
Lava erupted out of the Showa crater in the east of the volcano.
Warning level for eruption was upgraded to level 3 from level 2, said the Japan Meteorological Agency, meaning individuals are forbidden to get close to the volcano.
The volcano’s latest eruption was recorded on May 21, 2015.
Also in August 2015, warning level for the mountain was upgraded to level 4, which meant preparing for evacuation due to intensified volcanic activities.
Mount Sakurajima’s last major explosion occurred on January 13, 1914 which killed 35 people. It had been dormant for over a century until 1914.
The eruption was the most powerful in the 20th century Japan.
It has been erupting almost constantly since 1955.