Jagger learning to slow himself during live concerts

London, May 30 (IANS) Veteran rocker Sir Mick Jagger is learning to pace himself during live performances because he can no longer keep up his energetic stage act for the entire concert.

The 66-year-old Rolling Stones legend is often praised for his high-energy gigs but he is finding it increasingly difficult to perform now that he’s getting older, admitting he has to take short breaks during shows to catch his breath, reports contactmusic.com.

‘After I’m finished (a concert), I don’t always feel like a 20 year old! Part of knowing if you’re fit or not is knowing how tired you get at the end. You might be tired for five minutes, you’ll feel really wiped out, (but) you should be recovered in 30 minutes. And you should feel absolutely fine. If you don’t, you’re not very fit, basically,’ he said.

‘You can pace yourself as well – it’s like playing tennis. If you notice people playing tennis, even the really fast people, they have a lot of breaks in between when they want to get their breath back.’

‘If you’ve had a really long rally and you’re running, you bounce the ball a bit more to recover! That’s what you’ve got to do onstage if you’re really, really running – you’ve got to pace yourself,’ he added.