Is Beyonce pregnant?

Los Angeles, Jan 27 (IANS) After speculation about singer Beyonce Knowles shooting a music video here surfaced online, people are now talking about the photographs taken during the shoot that added fuel to the speculation that she’s currently pregnant with her and rapper Jay-Z’s second child.

In some images obtained by, Beyonce was seen dressed in a flowing gown, but what prompted her fans’ curiosity was her bulky hoodie which she wore atop the dress. It appeared that she tried to cover her bump with the jacket.
“It was pretty indicative she was covering up instead of wearing a skin-baring outfit”, a source told the site.
The source added: “She had a dress on, but this really big black hoodie covering up. That was the outfit she used for the whole shoot. She definitely had a little belly pouch.”
During the filming of the video, Beyonce was also photographed touching her stomach.
Moreover, she used a stunt double for a scene that required her to jump off the top of the skyscraper, something which many believe was a safety measure since she’s now with a baby.
“Although she didn’t announce it or anything, it was pretty apparent from the way she was acting”, the source claimed, adding that she was probably close to “five months pregnant”.
Additionally, the source said: “She was complaining about being really tired and nauseous,” which most women often experience during pregnancy.