Indulge in healthy food a la celebs

Los Angeles, Jan 5 (IANS) Do you envy hourglass figures of Hollywood celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Tyra Banks? They believe in eating healthy food. So, it’s time to inculcate similar eating habits like sipping vegetable smoothies and trying out various types of fish dishes to stay fit. shares a list of fit celebrities and their healthy food items:
* Tyra Banks: She understands the importance of a power snack break. Apple and peanut butter combination fuels up the host of “America’s Next Top Model”.
* Gwyneth Paltrow: Her cookbook “It’s All Good” consists of salmon recipes and she is known for eating halibut tacos while she is out for dinner. The actress is definitely a fan of fish.
* Blake Lively: The actress-model likes to counter her ice cream indulgences with vegetable smoothies.