Indians among illegal expats arrested in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Jan 28 (IANS) Indians are among 1,350 expatriates arrested in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh for staying illegally in that country.

The crackdown on illegals Jan 22 was ordered by Prince Khalid bin Bandar, governor, and Prince Turki bin Abdullah, deputy governor of the Riyadh province, the Albawaba News reported Tuesday.
There were 27 wanted suspects among those arrested in the raid in Riyadh’s city centre that lasted 24 hours, the report said.
Those arrested included nationals from India, Yemen, Pakistan and Bangladesh and they had been involved in criminal cases or had run away from their sponsors.
Raids against illegal expatriates are being conducted by Riyadh police in cooperation with the Criminal Investigations Department, Special Task Force (STF), Riyadh Traffic, Fraud Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Passports Department and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.
Police said they had arrested 6,500 illegal workers in earlier raids.
“Two stolen cars were also recovered during the operation,” a police officer was quoted as saying.
Prior to the raid, the police cordoned off the area to facilitate inspection and prevent suspects from running away.
Police also raided several shops and restaurants and apprehended Egyptian, Indian, Sudanese and Pakistani workers.
However, the exact number of Indians arrested is not known.