India will stick to its approach on climate change: Pranab

Chandigarh, Nov 28 ( Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee Saturday said India would stick to its approach while addressing the climate change issue in the run-up to the Copenhagen summit next month by seeking clean and green technology at affordable cost.

Speaking to the media here Saturday, Mukherjee said that the concerns of India and China, two of the fastest developing economies in the world, were the same on the issue of emissions and climate change.

“In the recent G20 finance ministers convention, the finance ministers of China and India shared the same opinion. There is a common approach between us but with different shells. We are sticking to that approach,” Mukherjee pointed out.

He added: “Developing countries need green and clean technology but at an affordable cost. The funds required for this should come from developed countries.”

China has announced a 40-45 percent reduction in the carbon intensity from the business-as-usual scenario by 2020.

India and China have been, in recent months, resisting attempts by developed countries to put a cap on emissions by emerging economies.

Carbon intensity measures the amount of carbon dioxide — the main greenhouse gas that is causing global warming — emitted per unit of industrial output.

India’s carbon intensity is one of the lowest among emerging economies.