India hopes Pakistan will safeguard nukes

New Delhi, Oct 23 ( After a Taliban suicide attack near a reported nuclear weapons complex in Pakistan’s Punjab province, India Friday hoped that the Pakistani government will take effective steps to safeguard their nuclear assets.

“We hope that the Pakistan government will continue to take steps to effectively secure its nuclear assets,” Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao told reporters when asked about an explosion near the Kamra Air Weapons Complex in the district of Attock in Pakistan Thursday.

The complex is one of the three military industrial production facilities in the Wah Cantonment and is believed to be connected with Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme.

The attack comes amid continuing concern over the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and the threat of their falling into the hands of Taliban militants and terrorists.

The blast, that killed three security personnel and four civilians, is the latest in a string of assaults by the Taliban against Pakistan’s security forces, the government, and civilians.