India does pretty good job of running elections: Hillary Clinton

Washington, April 24 (Inditop) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is impressed by the “pretty good job” the Indians do of running their elections even if it means keeping efforts to reduce India-Pakistan tensions on hold.

“It’s a very profound question,” she told a House panel Wednesday, “…because there has to be effort to enhance confidence between India and Pakistan. (But) Those are not likely to be undertaken until the Indian elections are over.

“As you know, the Indian elections take a long time, because they’re the biggest democracy in the world. And they do a pretty good job frankly running their elections. But we’re not going to have a government for weeks,” Clinton said.

Clinton was responding to a question by Republican Representative Jerry Lewis concerned over India-Pakistan tensions about efforts being made by US to shift Pakistan’s focus from India to a more robust fight against extremists.

“If, indeed, just a little more militancy causes a spark that causes India to react, something were to happen in Kashmir, we could have an explosion that involves two nuclear powers faced off against one another,” Lewis said.