Hong Kong deaf-mute love triangle killer jailed

Hong Kong, Nov 17 (DPA) A cheating deaf-mute husband who killed his deaf-mute lover when she tried to persuade him to divorce his wife was beginning a 15-year jail term Tuesday in Hong Kong.

Yip Kai-ming, 47, stabbed to death 39-year-old Ng Kwai-fong when she pressured him to leave his wife, who is also deaf-mute, Hong Kong’s High Court heard.

The pair, both married with two children, met at the Hong Kong Deaf People’s Christian Church, where Yip was a deacon who helped parishioners by fixing faulty electrics at their homes.

He began an affair with Ng, whose husband is also deaf-mute, in October 2007 when she called him to her home to do an electrical repair, then stripped to her underwear and seduced him.

They met for sex until guilt-racked Yip tried to end the affair, but Ng intentionally broke electrical appliances at her home to force him to continue their liaisons, a murder trial was told.

In September 2008, under pressure from Ng to leave his wife, Yip went to her house with a knife and stabbed her nine times in the chest. He turned himself in to police three days later.

Yip, who admitted manslaughter but pleaded not guilty to murder, was convicted of murder at a hearing on Monday. His lawyer argued he would face a difficult time in prison because of his disabilities.