Guy Ritchie to build tunnel to parking area

Los Angeles, March 25 (IANS) Actor-director Guy Ritchie has a smart idea – he is building a tunnel from his home to a nearby street, where he parks his cars, in a bid to reach his vehicles quicker every day.

The 44-year-old will burrow under a college to link his six million pounds worth house to the place where he parks his cars, reports
“The walk only takes five minutes as it is, but Guy clearly values his time. Plus it means he can get there without being recognised,” said a source.
Work began on the 25-metre tunnel last week. It will lead from the six-bed home he shares with fiancee Jacqui Ainsley, 31, and go under the college before emerging on the other side.
He will then be able to exit via a door into the street where he keeps his Range Rover and other cars. Guy made the initial application last October before surveyors then visited to make sure the option is viable, according to planning documents.
“To complete the work he’s had to ask the college to sacrifice a room. Students have been warned there may be some disruption due to drilling,” the source added.