Google wipes out Glass data, works on new device

New York, Jan 31 (IANS) After erasing all data regarding Google Glass – eye-wearable head-mounted device that displayed information in a smartphone-like hands-free format – from various social media platforms, tech giant Google is reportedly working on a new version of its face-mounted technology.

It has wiped all the related data regarding this $1,500 smart device, which it stopped selling in January 2015, from the social-media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, CNET online reported.
According to the report, the project on which Google is currently working is a product currently nicknamed Project Aura which will be redesigned from the ground up.
The in-charge of the new specs is Tony Fadell — a Google employee since it bought his company Nest in 2014.
Fadell is man behind Apple iPod and the one who persuaded the tech world to fall for a thermostat, Nest’s first product.
The social-media blackout seems to be Google’s attempt to expunge from the internet the last vestiges of a brand that never achieved mainstream coolness, the report pointed out.
“Thanks for exploring with us. The journey doesn’t end here,” says a message on the Google Glass website.
Although the device made wearing spectacles and keeping them in place, especially while doing physical work such as running, much easier and guiding a group of cardiologists successfully opening up of a chronically blocked right coronary artery in the cardiac catheterisation lab, some Glass wearers have reported problems with device.
The main objections to the camera-equipped device were privacy-related, with many concerned about hacking, surreptitious photography and filming, the report said.
The device was also banned from many movie theatres due to concerns about piracy.
The photos of a new prototype appeared online last December.