Get out of unwanted situations with Chelsea Handler’s app

New York, Jan 25 (IANS) Want to get out of bad dates and awkward meetings? Try US comedian Chelsea Handler’s new app called Gotta Go.

Designed in partnership with app developer Yeti, Gotta Go has a simple function: to get you out of unwanted situations, Tech Insider reported on Sunday.
The app lets the user create an excuse (like my house was just burglarised), assign it to a phone contact — who will be the one to fake-text or call you — and set an alarm when you want the excuse to pop up.
So, when you are in the middle of a boring dinner or meeting, a fake-text or call — that you created earlier in the day — would flash on your mobile enabling you to leave the situation easily.
According to Yeti president Tony Scherba, Handler’s initial conversations with the company about the design and functionality began nearly a year ago.
“We wanted to pick a problem that she could really relate to, like getting out of sticky situations,” Scherba told Tech Insider, adding: “Getting out of awkward and bad dates was something Chelsea brought up, and we started thinking of other situations where people would want an eject button.”
Regardless of enough interest, Yeti plans to keep the app updated.
“If people like it, we will try to keep it going as long as possible,” Scherba noted.