Geneva talks II: Syrian government, opposition discuss security

Geneva, Jan 31 (IANS) Syrian government and the opposition delegations discussed Thursday the security situation in the country on the ground, the international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi said.

Speaking during a press conference, Brahimi, the UN-Arab League’s special envoy to Syria, said on the sixth day of talks the two sides had a “very long meeting” this morning, Xinhua reported.
“We had another very long meeting this morning where we discussed very sensitive and important subject, that is the security situation in Syria and terrorism,” he said.
Brahimi noted that there was an agreement that terrorism did exist and “it is a very serious problem inside Syria”, but no consensus could be achieved regarding how to deal with it.
“I think it is evident to everyone that to tackle seriously the issue of security is indispensable if you want to reach a solution to the crisis and the return of peace and security in Syria,” said Brahimi, who is playing the role of a mediator
He pointed out that the meeting was mixed with “tense moments” and “rather promising moments”.
Brahimi said the latest round of Syria talks would conclude Friday morning, as originally planned
He hoped that during the Friday meeting, all parties would “draw some lessons” and try to better prepare for the next round of talks.