Flood situation in Malaysia worsens

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 26 (IANS) The flood situation in several northern Malaysian states worsened during the last two days with 69,549 victims housed at relief centres so far, a media report said Friday.

In the northern state of Kelantan, the number of flood victims in nine districts increased to 34,955, Xinhua reported.
According to the state government’s flood portal, water level readings in several rivers have continued to increase.
In Terengganu state, the number of victims rose to 29,082 Thursday night. According to the Terengganu National Security Council (MKN) portal, Kemaman was the hardest hit district with 19,311 victims.
The number of flood victims housed at the relief centres in the northern Perak State rose to over 4,000.
According to official sources, all the victims were housed at 47 flood relief centres.
The authorities are taking urgent measures, including the opening of more relief centres to house more victims.