Five killed in mortar attacks in Iraq

Baghdad, April 18 (Inditop) At least five people died Friday in a round of mortar attacks, as incidents targeting Shia-dominated districts in Baghdad increased.

The total number of victims was not confirmed, but a source in the Interior Ministry said the attacks killed at least five people and wounded 12.

Witnesses told DPA, the German news agency, that the mortar rounds, which struck Jisr Diyala district – an impoverished neighbourhood in southern Baghdad, killed seven people and wounded 18.

As the source of the mortars was still unknown, Iraqi military forces were deployed quickly to ensure peace in the affected areas. Violence has been increasing in areas that both Iraqi and US forces considered stable. Shia districts in Baghdad remain volatile.

The recent increase in violence has raised concerns over the Iraqi forces’ capability of maintaining security throughout the country as US forces get ready to withdraw from major cities by the end of June.