Facebook adopts worker-friendly management technique

New York, Dec 28 (IANS) To effectively shape its overwhelmingly young work force into future leaders, the social networking site Facebook has adopted a set of somewhat unconventional management techniques.

The new guidelines cater to employees’ thirst for freedom as well as their aversion to inertia and top-down leadership, the Wall Street Journal reported.
The recommendations involve a conversational management style, whereby even entry-level employees would be encouraged to question the manager’s decisions, and offer their own solutions and feedback.
The manager-employee relationship from now on would not be based on giving orders on one side and executing them on the other.
In addition, superiors would be tasked with making it easier for employees to achieve their individual goals.
Facebook would also encourage employees to routinely change roles within the company based on their strengths and career objectives.
These guidelines would keep workers on their toes and maintain a consistently high standard of work, the report added.