Elizabeth Hurley’s fridge secrets

London, Feb 6 (IANS) British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley says she only keeps a bottle of vodka and eye masks in her fridge in her home here.

The reason behind the absence of food is – she eats out all the time when she visits the city.
In an interview with Star magazine, the 50-year-old shared why she doesn’t keep her refrigerator well-stocked, reports femalefirst.co.uk.
The “Bedazzled” star confessed that she loves to go out for meals, but makes up for that at her country house in Gloucestershire, south west England.
She said: “I have two lives – a country life and a London life. In the country I cook almost all organic. We never eat anything out of packets. I have eggs from my own chickens and bacon from my own pigs.
“In London, I go out to dinner almost every night – all I have in my fridge is a bottle of vodka and eye masks.”
The actress also shared that she has a penchant for sweet treats and loves to make her own calorific offerings on a weekly basis.