Egyptian court postpones Morsi’s trial over jailbreak

Cairo, Jan 29 (IANS) An Egyptian court Tuesday decided to delay trial of ousted president Mohamed Morsi and some 130 people in the 2011 jailbreak case to Feb 22.

At the Cairo Criminal Court, the defending team asked to postpone the trial so as to study the case’ documents, Xinhua reported. Earlier Tuesday, Morsi appeared in court on charges of escaping from Wady al-Natroun prison with the assistance of domestic and foreign forces during the Jan 25 uprising in 2011.
Morsi was flown by helicopter from Borg al-Arab prison in Alexandria to the headquarters of the Police Academy in Cairo where the trial was taking place.
Some 130 others, affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Hamas movement and Lebanese Shiite military party Hezbollah, accused of storming the prison and kidnapping and killing police officers, were tried with Morsi, mostly in absentia.
The prosecution said 70 defendants were Palestinians.