Egypt to extradite detained Libyan officials

Cairo, March 25 (IANS) Egypt’s Prosecutor-General Talaat Abdullah has decided to hand over two former Libyan officials to the Egyptian Interpol for extradition to Libya, state news agency MENA reported.

The decision came after an investigation confirmed that all legal conditions were met for extraditing former Libyan ambassador to Egypt Ali Mohamed al-Amin Maria and former finance official Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour.
The two officials who worked in the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were arrested last week in Cairo over corruption charges, said Xinhua.
Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, former coordinator of Libyan-Egyptian relations, was also arrested over corruption charges.
Counselor Kamel Girgis, head of the general prosecution’s international cooperation office, said that as for extradition of al-Dam, papers requested by the prosecution from the Libyan authorities to extradite him had not yet been received.
He said al-Dam was being interrogated for opening fire at Egyptian police officers assigned by the Interpol to arrest him, which left a policeman wounded.
A number of Libyan nationals in Cairo staged a protest Sunday outside the Supreme Court against the extradition of al-Dam.
Egypt and Libya have signed a legal and judicial memorandum of understanding to guarantee fair trial of extradited defendants to be applied once Egypt agrees to extradite recently-arrested Libyan ex-officials.
Under the memo, the extradited defendants must be tried before ordinary courts in line with international standards and conditions, including granting them the right to defence during interrogations and trial stages.