Domestic violence may lead to pregnancy termination

London, Jan 8 (IANS) Domestic violence can lead to termination of pregnancy, a study warned.

Intimate partner violence in women, sometimes referred to as domestic violence, is linked to termination of pregnancy, according to researchers at Kings College London.
The study, led by Susan Bewley, consultant obstetrician at Kings College London, also found that intimate partner violence was linked to a women’s partner not knowing about the termination of pregnancy.
The researchers reviewed 74 published studies that provided information about experiences of intimate partner violence (which could be physical, sexual, or emotional/ psychological) among women who had a termination, said the study published in the journal PLOS Medicine.
The authors found that worldwide, intimate partner violence rates among women undergoing termination of pregnancy ranged from 2.5 percent to 30 percent in the preceding year and from 14 percent to 40 percent over their lifetime.
Furthermore, the authors found some evidence that intimate partner violence was associated with single and repeat termination of pregnancy, the study added.
The authors also found that women undergoing terminations of pregnancy welcomed the opportunity to disclose their experiences of intimate partner violence and to be offered help.
“Novel public health approaches are required to address violence against women and repeat termination,” said Bewley.