Does shopping make you cringe? Try motivating tips

Los Angeles, Jan 2 (IANS) For various reasons, not everyone is fond of shopping. So, it’s time to take tips to make shopping enjoyable – don’t go empty stomach, avoid departmental stores and take a friend along! shares shopping tips for those who cringe at the thought of stepping out for shopping:
* Be strategic. Don’t plan on checking out 10 stores in one day. This will tire and annoy you. Instead, pick two or three of your favourite spots.
* Avoid departmental stores: The size of departmental store and its lack of windows can make anyone go crazy.
* Eat snacks: A hungry shopper is never a happy one.
* Take a friend along: A second opinion will be helpful when you are unable to decide which one to buy.
* Look around online first: If you are looking for a specific item, check online first. This will save time. Also, many sites have a feature that checks to see if a specific item online is actually stocked at the nearest store.
* Try shopping during off hours: To avoid crowd, shop during mid-day of week days. Another good time to try is early morning on weekends.