Company prints many winning lottery tickets, sued

Beijing, March 25 (IANS) A printing firm in Shanghai is being sued for mistakenly creating 350 winning lottery tickets instead of the two that it had been asked to print.

The plaintiff, Shanghai Xinsheng Gift Factory Co, is seeking over 79,500 yuan (about $13,000) in compensation from Shanghai Yechen Printing Co, Xuhui District People’s Court heard Monday.
According to Xinsheng Gift, it had asked the printing company to print 7,202 lottery scratch cards – 7,200 losing tickets and two winning ones – for an advertising campaign for alcohol-maker Bacardi, Shanghai Daily reported.
The prizes were two iPhones, the court heard.
The blunder drew the company’s attention when four winners went to Xinsheng Gift to claim their iPhone and left officials stunned.
An investigation revealed that the printing company had actually printed 350 winning tickets, instead of two as requested.