Chinese province seize 23 tonnes of drugs in 2015

Beijing, Jan 31 (IANS) Authorities in China’s Yunnan province seized 23.3 tonnes of illegal narcotics in 2015, police said on Sunday.

Police in the border province cracked down on 22,000 drug cases and local rehab centres took in over 67,000 drug-users in 2015, Xinhua news agency reported.
Last year marked the end of the southeast Chinese province’s five-year campaign against drug crime.
Yunnan is among the Chinese regions most affected by drug use, due to its proximity to the opium-growing Golden Triangle in neighbouring Southeast Asian countries. It is also a source of domestic drugs.
Official data released in June, 2015 showed that the amount of heroin and methamphetamine seized by the Yunnan police accounts for around 80 percent and 70 percent of the country’s total respectively.
The 12th biggest administrative division in China by population, Yunnan has the fifth highest number of registered drug users.