Chinese police hunt for suspect in armed robbery

Beijing, Jan 6 (IANS) Police in eastern China Friday launched a massive search for a man who shot and robbed a man in front of a bank. The rare daylight robbery has dampened the public mood ahead of the Chinese New Year.

The authorities in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, have offered a reward of 100,000 yuan ($15,850) for information leading to his arrest, Xinhua reports.

The man, believed to be in his 40s, is suspected of being involved in six cases of homicide and robbery over the last seven years.

The victim was shot at 9.50 a.m. after he came out of a bank after withdrawing 200,000 yuan.

The suspect fled the scene in a car after the robbery, an official said. The Chinese New Year is on Jan 23.