Chinese gang held for looting gay men

Beijing, Dec 25 (IANS) Seven members of a gang in China have been arrested on charges of luring gay men into compromising situations and then robbing them, a media report said Tuesday.

One gang member was still at large, the Global Times reported.
The gang trolled the internet for gay men seeking sexual liaisons and then took advantage of their fear of exposure.
“They said they needed a massage, or they provided massage services, and set traps for the victims they hooked,” a prosecutor said.
In July, the gang beat a gay man, robbed him of his iPhone and a laptop from his house and, after forcing him to reveal the password, withdrew all the money with his bank card.
The gang robbed three more victims.
When police nabbed them while they were attempting their fifth robbery, the gang had already stolen over 50,000 yuan worth of property.