China urges united efforts on Korean peninsula nuclear issue

Beijing, Jan 26 (IANS) China on Tuesday called for concerted efforts from relevant parties to push the Korean peninsula nuclear issue back on the right track.

“Realising denuclearisation of the peninsula and safeguarding peace and stability there are not just China’s business, but need concerted efforts from all sides,” Xinhua quoted Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying as saying.
Hua made the comments when asked to respond to some US officials’ comments targeting China over the Korean peninsula nuclear issue.
“We hope and urge relevant countries can take their due responsibilities, truly play a constructive role and work with China to push the Korean peninsula nuclear issue back on the right track at an early date, instead of pointing fingers at others,” Hua said.
One important reason difficulties arise and six-party talks have been temporarily stalled is that certain relevant countries have failed to do that, she said, referring to “pulling concerted efforts together”.
The six-party talks were launched in 2003 with the aim of solving the Korean peninsula nuclear issue, but stalled in December 2008.
North KOrea quit the talks in April 2009. The six-party talks include China, North Korea, South Korea, the US, Russia and Japan.
“As a close neighbour of the Korean peninsula and a responsible nation, China has made tireless efforts and played an important role. This is an undeniable fact and obvious to all,” Hua said.