China to train key professionals abroad

Beijing, Jan 28 (IANS) To upgrade its human resources in key sectors, China is preparing to send a considerable number of professionals for overseas training at government expense by 2015.

A statement, issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), mentioned the newly approved five-year training plan while highlighting the special programme which would cover 41,000 teachers, technicians and management staff in various institutions, Xinhua reported.
Among those selected, 200 university heads, 1,000 agricultural technicians and experts, and 1,000 mid-level or senior social management staff will be sent abroad each year, it said.
It also reserves quotas for government officials and senior management personnel within enterprises.
During the 2005-2010 plan, as many as 257,000 people had received such a training.
Earlier this week, the SAFEA had revealed a separate programme which aims to attract foreign talents to work for China’s key industries.
Under previous SAFEA programmes, each of the selected overseas professionals will be offered a subsidy of one million yuan (over $158,000) to cover their living expenses.