China to promote geological information industry

Beijing, Jan 31 (IANS) Chinese government has issued proposals to promote the development of the geological information industry.

According to the document, issued by the State Council or, the Chinese cabinet, in five to 10 years China’s capabilities in getting geological information will be enhanced significantly, with improved scientific and technological innovation capacity and increased international competitiveness, Xinhua reported Thursday.
The geological information industry is a hi-tech industry based on technologies in surveying, mapping, remote sensing, satellite navigation and positioning as well as other areas. It is developing at a high speed and becoming a more important role in economic and social development.
The document, published on the government’s website Thursday, says the data obtaining and processing capabilities of remote sensing should be improved.
It has called for development of surveying and mapping satellites, high and medium altitude photoplanes, low-altitude unmanned planes and ground remote sensing systems.
The document also calls for development of geological information software, taking into consideration the next generation of Internet, Internet of Things and cloud computing. It has asked for optimising the development environment for the industry, regulating market order and strengthening security monitoring and supervision.
It notes that scientific and technological innovation and cooperation with foreign countries and regions, should also be promoted.