China to help Uganda develop sports sector

Kampala (Uganda), Jan 5 (IANS) China is in talks with Uganda to help the East African country develop its sports sector, China’s envoy said here.

Zhao Yali, China’s ambassador to Uganda, told Xinhua Saturday that China is ready to have more partnerships with the Ugandan government in the area of sports.
“We are ready to help Uganda, especially in the field of coaching exchange. We shall do what we can to promote cooperation between the two countries. We have already spoken with the National Council of Sports on how to help Uganda,” said Zhao.
In 2012, fifteen Chinese youth volunteers arrived in Uganda in an effort to boost the cooperation between China and Uganda.
The 15 volunteers, according to agreements signed between the two governments, were to offer their expertise to teaching Chinese language, sports and aquaculture.
“It is good to bring together all Chinese in Uganda to unite and through sporting activities like this we get together and get to know each other better,” said Zhao.