China mulls rules on international student enrolment

Beijing, Jan 4 (IANS) The ministry of education is drafting a regulation on the enrolment and instruction of international students in Chinese schools that aims to unify admission conditions and boost educational quality, Xinhua reported Friday.

The draft, open to public opinion from Friday until Feb 3, stipulates that schools must not enrol foreign students who don’t meet admission standards, haven’t completed insurance procedures, or are minors who are staying in China without the company of their parents and lack entrusted custody papers.
According to the draft, higher education institutes should provide specialty lessons in English or other foreign languages if their resources permit.
A student who receives higher education in foreign language is allowed to write the degree thesis in that specific language, but universities or colleges have the right to decide whether a student can carry out thesis in the language, it says.
The draft also stipulates that minors should generally live with their parents or guardians. While schools can offer accommodation services to these students, they must report related information at local police departments.
International students must leave the country within a deadline after they finish their educations in China, it adds.