Chemicals should be removed fast from Syria: OPCW chief

The Hague, Jan 31 (IAMS) Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Ahmet Uzumcu Friday said that while the removal of two shipments of chemicals from Syria this month was a start, the need to hasten the overall process was “obvious”.

“Ways and means must be found to establish continuity and predictability of shipments to assure states parties that the programme, while delayed, is not deferred,” Xinhua quoted Uzumcu as saying.
On Thursday, Uzumcu told the OPCW executive council that efforts were under way to expedite the process of removing Syrian chemicals that have been identified for destruction outside Syrian territory.
He informed that he held talks with senior Syrian officials over the need for a time-frame to be provided by the Syrian government for the removal of chemicals.
The Syrian government, “while expressing concern about the current security situation, has reiterated its commitment to completing the programme and assured that it is working on a schedule for the transport and removal of the chemicals”, Uzumcu said.