Cameron says he did not intend to stigmatise Poles

London, Jan 9 (IANS) British Prime Minister David Cameron said Wednesday he had had no intention of stigmatising Poles living and working in Britain when he announced plans to curb child benefits to immigrants.

Cameron had made a comment about Poles who work in Britain and claim British child benefits for their families back home.
The British prime minister made the remarks during talks on the phone with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk Wednesday evening in reaction to the dispute over the British prime minister’s comments regarding social benefits and immigrants to Britain, Xinhua reported citing local media.
The conversation, held on Cameron’s initiative and lasted 40 minutes, largely concerned freedom of movement of people inside the European Union, Minister for European Affairs Piotr Serafin said.
“Prime Minister Cameron explained that it had not been his intention to stigmatise Poles working in Britain,” Serafin was quoted as saying.
“Prime Minister Tusk pointed out that regardless of intentions we cannot accept the effects and impact such statements have,” Serafin stressed, adding that “Tusk declared Poland’s readiness to review possible cases of abusing the welfare regulations.”