`BRICS bank expected to improve cooperation’

Addis Ababa, March 22 (IANS) Establishing a Development Bank of BRICS will enhance cooperation, Brazilian ambassador to Ethiopia Isabel Christina Heyvaert has said.

In an interview to Xinhua, the ambassador said the BRICS summit in Durban March 26-27 would be deliberating on various issues including health, infrastructure, agriculture, energy and climate change.
“One of the hot issues that are going to be discussed in Durban now for the next conference is the creation of bank of development of BRICS. The idea is to create fund to improve the cooperation with the developing countries.
“Of course it is going to enlarge very much the cooperation of these five countries with the all developing countries,” she said, in reference to the grouping of China, India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa.
According to the ambassador, members of BRICS share experiences in various sectors with other countries.
Brazil has been successful in the agriculture sector and is willing to share its experience with the developing countries.
Asked about cooperation between China and Brazil, the ambassador said the two countries work together in areas including advanced technology, agriculture, health and research and could further strengthen their relations.
“There are many areas where we can work together, as in the sectors of agriculture of high technology. Concerning the latter, China is very much advanced.