Beyonce won’t play ‘Partition’ for mother

Los Angeles, Jan 4 (IANS) Pop star Beyonce Knowles is too embarrassed to play her steamy new song “Partition” for her mother.

The 32-year-old has said that she still hasn’t played the sexy track, which appears on her recently released hit album “Beyonce”, for her mother Tina Knowles because the lyrics are so salacious, reports
On “Partition”, Knowles sings of a romantic tryst with her lover in the back of a chauffeur-driven car, with lyrics including: “Driver, roll up the partition please, I don’t need you seeing ‘Yonce on her knees.”
The star explained: “I kinda had this whole fantasy of being in the car and this whole movie played in my head. I didn’t have a pen and paper. I got to the mic, I’m like, ‘Oh, press record…’
“I was so embarrassed after I recorded the song because I’m just talking s**t. I’m like, ‘I can’t play this for my husband!’ I still haven’t played it for my mum. She’s going to be very mad at me.”
The “Drunk in Love” hitmaker, who has a 23-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy, with husband Jay Z, also revealed that the song was inspired by her spouse’s attempts to woo her when they first met.