Bassett, Freeman to work in ‘Olympus has Fallen’

Los Angeles, March 26 (IANS) Hollywood actress Angela Bassett reveals that initially she was nervous about working with Morgan Freeman.

Bassett and Freeman are working together for the first time in Antoine Fuqua’s latest action movie “Olympus Has Fallen.”
“I was initially nervous but felt comfortable later. He was nothing but professional, kind, warm and fun, and you know, a treat,” quoted Bassett as saying.
“Olympus Has Fallen” is Fuqua’s first project.
The movie also marks the return to the big screen for Bassett, who we haven’t seen since “This Means War”.
She has also completed “White Bird in a Blizzard” and she is currently filming “Black Nativity” with Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson.
Olympus Has Fallen is set to release April 17.