Bank accounts of doctor who helped track Osama sealed

Islamabad, Feb 25 (IANS) The bank accounts of the Pakistani doctor who, on the CIA’s directions, allegedly helped conduct a fake polio campaign to track down Osama bin Laden have been sealed.

Doctor Shakeel Afridi owns real estate in various localities of Peshawar, including Hayatabad, Shami Road and Saddar, Dawn News reported.
All of his property, including bank accounts in Pakistan in his name or his wife Imrana Ghafoor’s, have now been sealed by the government.
The surgeon’s house in the posh Hayatabad suburb of Peshawar was also sealed a few days ago.
Afridi had allegedly helped conduct a phony polio vaccination campaign at the behest of American spy organisation Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to secure the DNA of bin Laden and his family.
Bin Laden was killed in a unilateral operation by US special forces at his mansion in Abbottabad near Islamabad in May last year.
While Pakistan claims it did not know about the existence of the hideout, the CIA said it did not inform Islamabad as it did not want to jeopardise the mission.
After the Abbottabad operation, Afridi was arrested at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Torkham while allegedly trying to flee the country.
Dawn News said a case of treason will be conducted after the federal government gives its approval.