Australians excited by outdoor sex

Sydney, Nov 25 (DPA) Photographs published Wednesday in Australia of an anonymous couple having sex in a Sydney clock tower in full view of midday shoppers sparked a flurry of confessions on talkback radio.

Listeners rang in claiming to have copulated on the Harbour Bridge, between the soaring roofs of the Opera House and during a Shakespeare play in an outdoor theatre.

But none could offer the incontrovertible proof in newspaper photographs of the clock tower lovebirds.

German tourist Dirk Gensler, who was staying at a backpacker hostel across from the Broadway clock tower, told the Daily Telegraph he was astonished by what he saw.

“I was amazed by it. It was the middle of the day, and so many people could see it,” he said. “I thought it was pretty cool.”

Speculation was that the young couple were students at nearby Sydney University in a state of euphoria at finishing their examinations.