Amy Schumer’s sister reveals siblings’ unbreakable bond

Los Angeles, Jan 24 (IANS) Comedienne Amy Schumer’s sister Kim Caramele is so devoted to her sibling that she has joked she “does whatever she does”.

Caramele, who works as a writer and producer on the TV show “Inside Amy Schumer”, appeared at a Writers Guild Award Television nominee’s panel on Friday and revealed the strength of her bond with Schumer, reports
“Amy’s my sister, so I do whatever she does! Before that I was a school psychologist. And I have a dog named Abbott and he has three legs. Thank you,” Caramele said.
She also recalled a time her sister had reduced her to hysterics while she was watching the film “A Walk To Remember”, which tells the story of a young girl’s marriage before she dies of cancer.
“I was in high school, and I remember just being sad and crying while we both watched and Amy wanted to make fun of me crying so much so she began to overtly cry,” Caramele said.
At that point Caramele started “sob-laughing” and added: “I shouldn’t have been laughing, but I couldn’t help it. We have such a dark sense of humour, and I’ve always had anxiety about how funny she is. It was one of the hardest times I had laughed.”