3 Vacation Spots You Cannot Afford Miss

Picture yourself on pure white sands with the blue ocean stretching out in front of you, a glass of tropical drink in your hand as you savor the sun. Now which one of us is not guilty of taking flights of fancy to those exotic beaches we see in the movies, magazines and of course the internet? If you are one of us, then let me tantalize you further! The following are the top 3 of the most beautiful holiday locations that you can go to, sure there are others but the ones below are by far the most renowned and well, the pictures do speak for themselves!

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is verbatim island paradise! The fourth largest island in Hawaii, Kauai offers rich panoramic vistas, beautiful beaches and virgin rain forests. The islandHawaii is also called the “Garden isle” which is a very accurate description given its green valleys, river and soaring cliffs. In fact some of the locations on the island can only be accessed by land or air giving you views which are pretty unrivalled.  You can also indulge in a plethora of outdoor activities ranging from Kayaking in the Wailua River to snorkeling off Poipu Beach. Want to get a bird’s eye view of the stunning valleys? Go zip lining right atop of them! The island also has rich culture and traditions along with a relaxed atmosphere which you can experience in its small towns filled with friendly, smiling people. Kauai is definitely the place to make an escape to.


seychelles-5Avid travelers often describe Seychelles as 7th Heaven and they have a point! The archipelago nation which is made up of 115 small coral islands was once thought to be the original Garden of Eden and will give you plenty to discover.  Seychelles is also home to a thriving people who have a warm and inviting demeanor to them. The nation is flocked to by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and has something for everyone, whether you are looking for a quiet get away or a night filled with excitement and adventure, Seychelles is ready to fulfill all your wishes.

Bali, Indonesia

Finally we have Bali, which can only be described as something snatched straight out of your dreams. Bali is an island of variety, notBAli-temple-copy-2 only in its scenic beauty but also its people as it has been home to Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Its lush volcanic interiors provide un-spoilt beauty for you to explore while its pristine beaches are riddled with some of the best, most uniquely designed holiday homes you can imagine! Tourism to Bali has greatly benefited from the warm friendly people who inhabit the island as much as it has from its rich natural heritage.

So there you have it, three of the best locations you can go to (or daydream about). Go ahead and plan a once in a lifetime vacation to one of these spots; you couldn’t possibly regret it!