80 Injured in Mexico train crash

Mexico City, April 20 (Inditop) At least 80 people were injured when two commuter trains collided on the outskirts of Mexico City, officials said Sunday.

The accident occurred around 10:20 p.m. Saturday and was “pretty complicated” to deal with because there was “much chaos, much disorder”, said Elias Miguel Moreno, the head of Mexico City’s emergency management secretariat.

Up to 100 people may have been injured in the accident, and at least six were taken to hospitals with injuries that were not life threatening, Moreno said.

Other sources reported different figures on the number of injured and hospitalised.

Formato 21 radio reported from the accident scene that 83 people were injured and 30 others hospitalised with serious injuries.

A total of 170 people were rescued from the cars that were involved in the collision, with many of them in shock